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  • Top 10: Things Women Hate About Men

    When you ask women about the things they hate about men, the list will practically be endless. While the things that women hate about men is a combination of big and small things, this article will describe the top 10 things women find most annoying about the men in their lives:

    1. Having a foul mouth
    While it’s true that most women don’t mind a swear word here and there when you get upset, they don’t like men who think that swearing is the only way they can express themselves.

    2. Being overly-dominant
    Most women want men who will protect them and make them feel safe–but they don’t want a dictator who tells them where to go, when to leave, who to talk to or what to wear. Dating a guy with a controlling nature can be pretty scary for women and will cause them to run from you very quickly.

    3. Their inability to commit
    It’s important for men to understand that when things begin to get serious, women tend to expect the two of you to become exclusive. Women hate being treated like a revolving door and being subjected to mind games, inconsistency and drama from a commitment phobic.

    4. Not being romantic
    Women want true romance along with the feeling of being emotionally connected to their men. Your girlfriend will easily become dissatisfied and will not even want to be touched by you once she senses that you only come around her for sex.

    5. Not keeping themselves up
    Although looks are not everything, women are not generally attracted to men with inadequate grooming, to include smelling bad, having bad breath, unkempt fingernails and wearing wrinkled clothing. Furthermore, not keeping yourself in shape shows women that you have little respect yourself and that you have no discipline, no motivation and no ambition.

    6. Being predictable
    Women absolutely hate predictable guys that never wan to do anything differently. They are attracted to spontaneous men who are unpredictable, untamed and successful with other women.

    7. Putting their friends first
    If you enjoy hanging out with the guys way more than you enjoy hanging out with your girlfriend and she can’t get you to stay home for some one-on-one time, there’s obviously something wrong.

    8. Constantly being argumentative
    Women hate dealing with guys that turn every conversation into an argument and constantly make them feel defensive and self-conscious.

    9. Checking out other women in front of them
    While it’s completely normal for guys to glance at other women (not excessively, but certainly now & then), it becomes a problem when a guy actually stares at other women and forgets that his girlfriend is actually standing right next him!

    10. Being needy
    Confidence and independence are very sexy traits in a man — insecurity and dependence are not. Women don’t want to deal with men who doubt themselves and need constant reassurance about their relationships, work and friendships.

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  • 8 things men ONLY do with the woman they love


    Men and women show that they care in very different ways. If a man is willing to publicly display his love for a woman, he is not messing around. It takes extreme vulnerability for a man to show and express exactly what he is feeling on such a large scale.

    • There are at least 8 things a man will only do for the woman he sincerely loves.

    • 1. He listens

      If you ever think that men sometimes behave like children, you're not entirely wrong. Most men only concentrate on things they are passionate about. If they love you, your voice is music to their ears and all you have to do is say something that really matters and they are hooked.

      The man who really loves you will not only hear you but will pay attention to your words. You will notice that he follows your advice and respects your thoughts.

    • 2. He fights with you

      Yes, that is correct. Fights are not always a sign that the relationship is going through a bad time. If he truly loves you and is invested in your relationship, he will take the time to fight, discuss and find solutions for your relationship. Occasional discussions are a sign that he wants to make things work. You want to find a middle ground where you both can be happy.

    • 3. He makes sacrifices for your happiness

      This is one of the biggest signs that a man loves a woman. If he changes his plans from something he would like to do for something he knows would make you happy, he is showing that he loves and respects you and is willing to always put you first.

    • 4. He fights for your love

      A man in love will take the punches as they come and fight to keep your love. He will weather the coldest winters and the rainiest spring showers just to be with you. A man in love feels lucky to have you in his life and makes it known that losing you is the last thing he would ever want.

    • 5. He's proud of your achievements

      When a man loves a woman, everything she does feels like his own achievements. It's almost like the pride a mother feels when their child does something kind or new for the first time. A man in love does not compete with the woman he loves, a man in love wins with the woman he loves.

    • 6. He thinks you look beautiful even on your worst days

      A few weeks ago, one of my coworkers had a cold sore on her top lip. She did not feel comfortable enough to meet her boyfriend that day because she did not want him to see her like that. However, after gathering the opinion of the whole office, the consensus was that if she met up with him with the sore and he did not care, it would be a sign that he was really interested in her for her and not just her looks. When a man really loves a woman, she always looks beautiful no matter what.

    • 7. He cares about your family and friends because you do

      A man in love understands that the people you love are important to you, and if they are happy, you will be too. If he loves you, he will patiently listen as you share detailed stories about your friends' lives. He will recognize their importance in your life and will offer solutions to their problems with genuine interest.


    • 8. He's not afraid to be vulnerable

      Men do not like to be vulnerable--ever--but if he loves you, he will not have a problem with showing you that he is afraid to lose you.

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  • How To Get Through To An Unapproachable Woman

    Approaching women: we aim to act suave like James Bond, but often come across like the French skunk Pepe Le Pew, pursuing a cat that doesn’t quite hear our call.
    The initial approach is a game of cat and mouse that is made much harder by the fact that women love to be a challenge. They’ll act nonchalant and hard to get, and it’s on you to figure out whether she doesn’t want to be approached or if she’s just making you work for it in the name of courtship.
    To crack this girl code, we sought advice from a diverse trio of ladies that are familiar with the matter. Pop stars Charli XCX and Tinashe, and former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo (2012) were all at SoBe’s 21st birthday party in Las Vegas, where the brand launched two new flavors of the drink (Midnight Mojito and En Fuego). After the show, we caught up with them at the pool party to get their approach on approaching.



    Photo courtesy of Getty Images

    A Challenge Or Not Interested? 

    Approaching women would be so much easier if we knew one key thing going in: is she interested?
    “There are some signs that can indicate she might be interested. Woman might do subconscious things like play with their hair or orient their body towards your direction,” says 24 year-old global pop phenomenon Charli XCX. That supports what a lot of dating experts have suggested. A woman might not be blatant about it, but she’ll subtly make moves to communicate interest, like moving closer to you, getting in your line of sight or making eye contact. Olivia Culpo, the former Miss Universe, believes the eyes can reveal her intentions.

    Photo courtesy of Getty Images

    “If there is no eye contact then that reads stay away,” says Culpo, who was crowned Miss Universe in 2012. “Body language can reveal a lot. If a woman is making eye contact and smiling then move on in.

    Why Do They Play Hard To Get?

    There are a number of theories as to why women like to be appear indifferent during the approach phase. Maybe she has a boyfriend, maybe she had a bad experience with a previous guy or maybe she wants to be a challenge to weed out the men who aren’t confident enough to approach her.
    “That’s a factor. Everyone initially will have their standards for their potential partners,” says Tinashe, who’s smash hit "2 On" has now surpassed 125 million views on YouTube. When it comes to standards, remember that the most beautiful women get hit on quite often. That means they don’t need to broadcast their interest, even more so because they’re getting attention either way. But as we head down the spectrum, the other women are more likely to give you some cues, and that’s why we feel those women are more approachable.

    Photo courtesy of Getty Images

    The other factor is that women like to be chased. Actually, it’s not a just a female thing; we all like that feeling.
    “I think everyone loves the chase. Girls like the chase and so do guys. We all like to know that we’re wanted,” says Tinashe. It’s feels warm inside when someone expresses their interest. We’re an approval-seeking species, so when someone is hitting on us, it hits the spot.

    How To Talk To An Unapproachable Woman

    The key is to be confident, be original and be yourself. The hotter the woman, the more she’s been hit on, which means she’s not easy to impress. Going in with pickup lines or common strategies are things that she’s seen before and is probably sick of.
    “Have a sense of humor and be natural,” says Tinashe. “Don’t use any type of line. The best way to approach a woman is to be yourself and act as natural as possible. Just think about having a normal type of conversation. Sometimes guys over-think and then their approach doesn’t seem natural, so it gets weird.”
    We put hot women up on a pedestal. It’s just something we do as men. But they’re just people too, except they just play a different position in the dating game. If you’ve never been a cute woman on Tinder or a babe at a bar, you might not realize how often they’re approached. Understanding their perspective will help you get through to them.

    Improve Your Odds

    Regardless of whether or not you can read what’s going on in her mind, you need to put yourself in position to succeed. That means looking, smelling and feeling good when you approach her.
    “I like a guy who takes care of himself and likes to look clean,” says Culpo. “A smelly guy is definitely a turn off!”
    All three women echoed those sentiments as they all put a focus on cleanliness and grooming more than anything else. That means you need to put yourself in position to succeed. You still might not get the girl for a number of reasons but don’t let it be something that you could have controlled.

    Is “Unapproachable” In Your Head?

    If there were no feelings involved, would you really care if she seems unapproachable or not? Nope. You’d just make a move and be genuine, and you’d either hit it off or keep it moving. But instead of just walking over to get to know a stranger, guys will put a lot of pressure on the outcome to get a number or get laid and that’s where the approach goes awry.
    “Just be funny. Funny always goes over well, so try to think of something funny to break the ice rather than being weird or using pickup lines,” says Charli XCX. She’s often the one making the first move but when she is being courted, her advice is to just have some fun with the approach.
    At the end of the day, you might not figure out her body language to determine if she’s just being a challenge or something more, but what do you have to lose by approaching? Yes, you’re putting yourself out there but if you treat her with respect, chances are she’ll do the same even if she’s taken or disinterested.

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  • Types Of Guys Women Can't Resist

    Working on being the best possible version of yourself is inherently worthwhile, but it doesn’t hurt that it’s likely to make you irresistible to members of the opposite sex, too. Whether it’s having immaculate style, perfect pecs or witty banter, there are certain types of guys that women find impossibly charming, and who seem to have effortless luck with the ladies. Here are the top 10 types of guys women can’t resist:


    1. Funny Guys


 Humor is a social lubricant and an aphrodisiac, and it’s pretty much universally attractive, but funny men are particularly desirable in a culture that’s still getting used to the idea of funny women (come on!). Genuinely funny guys have the ability to put people at ease and soothe social tensions; they’re a joy to be around and make attractive potential romantic partners.


    Humor is something people are often blessed with from birth (or from the families they grow up in), but it is possible to work on being funnier, too. Don’t force it, though, and don’t be too confrontational with your humor: being “shocking” or “edgy” for the sake of it is not the same as being genuinely funny, and offensive jokes are pretty passé these days.


    If you’ve always had the ability to make people around you giggle, that’s a precious gift that you should continue to cultivate, and it will serve you well in your endeavors with women.


    2. Socially Conscious Guys


 Men who care about the world around them are irresistible to plenty of women. Compassion, motivation and selflessness are attractive qualities in anyone, but when they come together in a social justice-savvy man, women will notice and be drawn to him; partly because these are qualities that are traditionally associated less with men than women.


    It doesn’t really matter whether the cause you care about is racial justice,feminism or environmental causes, women will notice that you are passionate about something beyond yourself, and that’s appealing; particularly to women who also have a social conscience. Obviously, the main focus should be helping out marginalized people and communities, and your intentions need to be genuine, but female attention isn’t a bad side effect!


    3. Smart Guys


 It’s always a plus to be able to learn things from the people you’re dating, and intellect is key to keeping a woman engaged and stimulated. Smart guys have a certain gravitas that draws women into their orbits, and women know they won’t be bored around a smart guy — unless, of course, he’s insufferably condescending and stuffy about his smarts.


    Like humor, intelligence can be worked on: Pick up a book or two if you feel you’re lacking in this area, and listen to people from different walks of life with an open mind, as intelligence is often as much about broadening your perspective and having intellectual curiosity as it is about how many facts you have stored in your brain. (Make sure that you combine intelligence with humility to avoid coming off as pretentious, though.)


    4. Nice Guys


 The saying is that nice guys finish last, but, to be honest, that’s just something disgruntled (and not very nice) men tell themselves. The opposite is true: Women love nice guys, it’s just that “nice” doesn’t mean “cloying, insipid, and with no interests of one’s own.”


    Genuinely thoughtful, caring and selfless men are widely adored and have no trouble meeting (and keeping) women, so bear this in mind if mean-spirited “pickup artist” theory, focused on “negging” and bringing down women’s self-esteem appeals to you. Try being genuinely kind instead: It’s a much better long-term strategy, and, frankly, it just feels better.


    5. Talented Guys


    It’s hard to resist someone who has a killer talent, whether that’s music, drawing, skating, or, really, anything done to a high level of expertise. Certain talents attract more social cachet than others — men who are brilliant dancers are probably luckier in love than men who are fantastic at juggling, say — but being focused and honing your craft, whatever it is, will attract potential suitors to you, simply because that passion and drive is attractive.


    Everyone has things they’re good at; keeping up on your hobbies has a few benefits: It’s inherently rewarding for you, but it might also spark romantic interest in nearby suitors.


    6. Generous Guys


 Generosity is an appealing quality in anyone, but there’s definitely a traditional, gendered appeal to a man who can provide for “his woman” (that is, financially). These kinds of ideas are increasingly outdated and more than a little sexist, but there’s a nugget of truth worth saving in the traditional model: Generosity is appealing, and it doesn’t have to be tied to traditional gender roles, or even to money.


    You can be generous in other ways if you’re not exactly rolling in cash: with your time, with compliments, or with the positivity and good energy you bring to situations. Being free with the things you have in abundance — whether that’s money, time, a helping hand, whatever — will make you a great person to be around full stop, and it certainly won’t hurt your romantic prospects, either.


    7. Sensitive Guys


 Sensitive guys get a bit of a bad rap in the mainstream media. They’re often dismissed as being too feminine, soft or “gay” (like that’s a bad thing in itself), but in reality, women go nuts for men with a sensitive side, and the dismissal of sensitive men is, frankly, hyper-masculine nonsense — think of how attractive many women find Drake, Adrian Brody and Justin Bieber, for example.


    Sensitivity, again, is something you can cultivate, and it boils down to the little things, like listening and remembering things your girlfriend tells you, and then proving it in small ways later. It also involves being in touch with your feelings and those of other people, and communicating honestly and openly. Most of the world’s best music, writing and acting comes from a place of sensitivity, and, generally speaking, no one could honestly claim that musicians, writers and actors aren’t successful with women. Give sensitivity a go!


    8. Stylish Guys


    Men with an impeccable sense of style and personal grooming rarely do badly with women. Being decked out in designer gear at all times isn’t necessary, but it is important to take care of your appearance, scent and personal grooming, and men who put in a touch more effort than most are usually rewarded with a bit more female attention.


    It’s not simply a superficial thing, either: Putting effort into your personal style gives women a glimpse into your personality, level of attention to detail, and personal pride. So if your daily go-to is unwashed sweatpants, it might be worth reconsidering your approach here and investing in a good wardrobe, signature scent and grooming routine.


    9. Hot Guys


 Speaking of the superficial, we won’t beat around the bush with this one: women, on the whole, like good looking men. Surprise! We live in a looks-obsessed time and culture, and there’s no getting around the fact that men who are genetically blessed will struggle far less than the rest when it comes to women.


    Men with washboard abs and defined jawlines will attract the attention of the opposite sex, there’s no doubt about that. Fortunately, though, for more humble looking men, it’s rarely the be all and end all for women, and the old cliché about personality mattering most definitely rings true. Still, if you have been told you have gorgeous eyes or sexy legs, those are worthwhile things to have in your arsenal of attractive qualities, too.


    10. Guys Like You


    I know what you’re thinking: “Guys like me? Pffft. That’s a wishy-washy, feel-good way to end a list of types of guys women can’t resist. Women are plenty able to resist me.” Fair point, but bear with me. The simple truth is that women aren’t a monolith, and the type of guys that some women are instantaneously attracted to won’t raise another woman’s pulse whatsoever. Have you ever heard a group of women sitting around and debating whether Drake is attractive? Some of them want him to immediately impregnate them, and others can’t fathom letting him touch them. That’s exactly the point: There’s so much room for subjectivity and personal preference here.


    There are clusters of qualities that are widely attractive, like the ones I’ve detailed above. But no matter who you are, you have some combination of qualities that will be irresistible to at least a few of the three and a half billion or so women on earth. That’s not feel-good nonsense, it’s just hard facts.


    So, whatever it is that’s good about you — your sense of style, your wit, your in-depth knowledge of bee colonies or your ability to bench press a small car — someone will be delighted by that, and she just might be the woman of your dreams. A lot of relationship advice exhorts you to simply “be yourself”, and that’s partly true, but it’s important not to rest on your laurels; instead, you want to be the best possible version of yourself. Hone your talents, brush up on your sensitivity, brush your hair, and bask in the adoring attention of women everywhere — or, at least, one somewhere!


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  • If your husband does these 15 things, he’s the BEST husband ever

    Many marriages end because of ingratitude. As time goes by, couples forget to appreciate the little things in life. But being grateful every day helps sweethearts stay happily married.


    Noticing and appreciating the things your husband does for you helps you see what really matters, rather than focusing on his flaws (which every man has). Your spouse is the most important person in your life, so do your marriage a favor and praise him for all these things he does for you:


    1. He trusts you


    He doesn't doubt your actions.


    2. He is loyal to you


    He has nothing to hide. You have access to everything in his life and know what he does.


    3. He knows your tastes


    He knows your favorite chocolate, the kind of movies you like to watch and your hobbies.


    4. He gives you some time to yourself


    If you want to go out with your friends, get a haircut or watch a movie alone, he doesn't care. He knows that sometimes you just need some alone time.


    5. He remembers holidays


    He knows and prepares something special for the holidays that are important to you.


    6. He helps you be better


    He does not accept any self-hate talk you throw at yourself. Instead, he helps you build confidence and encourages you to get up when you're discouraged.


    7. He laughs at your jokes


    ... even when they are not funny.


    8. He believes you


    He knows you'll be honest with him.


    9. He laughs with you


    He makes you laugh and you have fun together.


    10. He values your feelings


    He always takes into account how you feel.


    11. You feel loved by him


    You just know you are the love of his life.


    12. He makes your complicated life easier


    He gives solutions and seeks to avoid conflicts.


    13. He helps you with house work


    He washes the dishes and takes care of the kids without you even asking.


    14. He consoles you when you're sad


    He doesn't like to see you upset and does everything he can to make you feel better.


    15. He adores ​​your smile


    He tries to see your smile every day.


    Yes, your husband will slip up and hurt your feelings. It's usually the people closest to us that hurt us the most. The important thing to remember is that he tries to be better every day. And if he tries to do even a few of these 15 things, you can be sure that he loves you.


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  • Here’s 10 Things You Shouldn’t Tell Your Friends About Your Relationship


    Love and romance


    Girls will be girls and girls love to talk…but, ladies, some things are best left unsaid. Even when you’re with your best-friend-ever and you’ve had a few glasses of wine, discretion is best, if you want to avoid embarrassment and potential hurt to your partner later.How to make your relationship last? There are some things that your partner would hate to know you are discussing with other people, so here are ten things that should always be off limits:

    1. His income (or lack of it)

    Success at work is an important thing for a man, so don’t go spreading the word that he has lost his job or he’s not being paid a huge amount. Finances are a personal thing between the two of you and you will really hurt him, if you make out that he can’t provide for you.

    2. His annoying habits at home

    His home is his place of safety where he can chill out and relax. If there is something he does at home that really bugs you, then talk to him about it, not to your friends.

    3. Your partners past

    You are breaking a big trust if you openly repeat personal episodes from his past that he has confided in you. Painful memories and childhood fears are not things that men will often discuss at all, so if he has told you about it, keep these confidential things to yourself.

    4. His politics and religious beliefs

    You might have heated debates about religion or politics between yourselves, but these topics are pretty hot ones, out there in the outside world. He might have personal or professional reasons why his views should stay private and he will make his views clear to the wider world, if and when he wants to.


    5. His fears and phobias

    Men are different from women, they don’t like to share their fears. If he shares his fears with you, then they are for your ears only. Even if he’s petrified of heights or spiders, keep it to yourself, he won’t want everyone to know.

    6. Your arguments


    It can be good to get things off your chest sometimes, but don’t relay every single argument with your partner to your friends. If you do, you are likely to give an unfair negative image of your partner to your friends and, what’s more, they’re going to get bored hearing about it.

    7. What he thinks about other people

    Everyone has their opinions about other people, both good and bad. If he criticizes someone to you, then he does it in the strictest confidence, so keep it to yourself or before you know it, that criticism could get back to the person he was talking about with some pretty awkward consequences.

    8. A secret that you haven’t shared with your partner


    Now this is a tricky one, but if you’ve done something that you shouldn’t have, then be careful who you tell about it. It’s bad enough, if you have done something that will hurt your partner, but if everybody knows about it but him, then he is going to be even more devastated when he finds out.

    9. Embarrassing medical facts

    No need for too much detail here, but some medical conditions and physical attributes are simply not for public consumption.

    10. Bedroom antics

    Last but definitely not least, what happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom. Fantasies, failures or fantastic successes, they should all be things that stay between the two of you. That’s why they call them intimate moments.

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  • 11 signs you should never let her go

    Occasionally, we meet a woman who turns out to be the one we’ve been looking for our whole life — the woman of our dreams. Such encounters are often completely unexpected. Nevertheless, they change us forever.

    Nature made us in such a way that two contrasting halves can become a perfect whole. The search for that other half often turns out to be an arduous journey. But believe me, you’ll know you’ve found her if you can say these 11 things about her. And if you’re lucky enough to find that single, perfect flower out there in the desert, hold on to her as strongly as you can; never let her go.


    She’s supportive

    Every man needs a woman who has the wisdom to help him get through life successfully. It’s often said that behind every great man stands an even greater woman, and this is true. Without a woman, a man can sometimes be little more than an egoist. A woman will bring meaning and direction to his life, and make him wiser.


    She’s beautiful

    Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. If she’s the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen — according to your taste, and no one else’s — then hold on to her. There are people who pay too much attention to someone’s physical appearance, and there are those who, perhaps in reaction to this, have revolted against the very idea that external beauty is important at all. Yet human beings have reveled in each other’s beauty as long as they’ve been able to see, and they shouldn’t feel ashamed to do so. But only if we recognise that, whilst it’s important, it’s not the most important thing we should value in someone.


    She’s kind and attentive

    If a woman isn’t kind at heart, then what meaningful place can she really have in your life? It almost goes without saying that the love of your life should be someone who looks after you, in every sense of the word.


    She’s energetic

    Sometimes, life is complicated. Sometimes, it can be boring and monotonous. Women aren’t there just to distract men from all this. Nevertheless, it’s more likely than not that you’ll feel a great deal happier with a woman who is energetic, lively and looking for adventure.


    She loves you to the bottom of her heart

    This is without question the most important thing. When a woman loves someone, she loves them with all her heart, dedicating herself entirely to them. If you find a woman who genuinely loves you, then you’ve found the most precious treasure the world can offer you.


    She knows how to compromise

    Everyone can be stubborn. Often we’re satisfied with the way things are, and aren’t especially open to the idea that something needs to change. Of course, finding a woman who’s ready to compromise is only half the battle — you have to be ready as well. A successful relationship is built on compromise, and you have no choice but to accept this if you want it to last.


    She makes you feel that you’re in the right place

    You know you’re in love with someone when you feel that you’ve found your own unique place in this world, as if for the first time in your life. You’re where you should be, and you don’t need anything or anyone else. If you see your own soul reflected in her eyes, then you’re home, at last. Why on Earth would you leave?


    She’s more than happy to tell you when you’re wrong

    Every man needs a woman who will let him know when he’s acting foolishly. Guys have this strange ability to make the wrong decisions and do really stupid things. When you find that woman who keeps you on the right track and tells you when you’re wrong, you’re life can only get better — even if you sometimes find it frustrating.


    She has strength of character

    All of us are looking for someone who fits our own idea of the perfect woman, but in every case this means some combination of strength and feminity. A woman with strength of character is exactly what every man needs. And one that expresses her feminity in whichever way she chooses is...well, also ideal. These two qualities are not contradictory; in fact they can be combined in an ideal way.


    She’s passionate

    A life filled with passion is the only one worth living. To feel the fire of passion within and have no one to express it to is impossible to bear. Passion only works when it’s expressed between two people. And if she doesn’t have this, then chances are your relationship is lacking something vital.


    She means everything to you

    Very often, when we fall madly in love with someone, we can’t explain why. The point is that you don’t need a reason. If you love her and can’t imagine life without her, don’t let her go. You should realise how much she means to you. Sometimes, men don’t see this until it’s too late. We always assume we’ll get a second chance to be together — well, perhaps you will. But there’s an equal chance that you won’t; you really might lose her forever. And then you’ll be filled with regret for the rest of your life, because you let the most important thing in the world slip through your fingers. Don’t risk it.

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  • 9 Places To Touch And To Make Her Go Crazy For You!

    Besides the vag&na, butt, and breasts, there are some other areas that can arouse women and make them crazy for you. Men should know what these areas are because women can sense please all over their body. Touch these areas as foreplay or to relax your girl after a hard day at work.

     1. The nape of the neck was regarded as very attractive by men in ancient Japan because it was one of the few places on women’s body that were “naked”. Notice the reaction of your female partner after kissing her lightly on the nape of her neck.

    2. Women with a well defined clavicle are very s#xy. You should show how much you appreciate that with gently touches and kisses. Unbutton her shirt enough to reveal the clavicle. Also, you can pay more attention to this area while having s#x.

    3. Place your hand on her shoulder, but don’t be too pushy. Also, you can show you protect her by placing your hand against the small of the back. When alone, kiss or lick her spine and kiss the small of her back to make her crazy for you.

    4. A mistake men make is not paying more attention to the area behind woman’s knee. It is a mistake because this area is very sensitive and caressing it will arouse her.

    5. Make your woman go crazy for you by touching, kissing or lightly biting her earlobes. Also, you can try nibbling around the outside of the rest of her ear.

    6. By tracing your finger along her palm, no matter if you are alone or in public, you show your affection and caring for your partner.

    7. There is nothing more pleasing than a foot massage, especially after a long and tiring day. Grab some massage oil or lotion and massage her ankles, toes and the sides of her feet.

    8. Women visit a hairstylist not only because they want their hair to be beautiful, but also because hands are gently running through her hair. So, this means you can try this pleasure too. Using your fingers start to massage her temples and move to the nape of her neck.

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  • The seven ultimate signs that you’ve finally found the one

    Sometimes, both men and women wait for many years to find the perfect partner. Some people rush into relationships and make mistakes, others make the mistake of waiting too long until their chances of finding the right person start to fall. The goal for all of us is really quite simple — not to miss that one perfect moment that will define our entire life, when we meet the one.

    But knowing when you’ve found that one perfect person you want to spend the rest of your life with can be difficult. We’re all learning on this road we call life. So, how can we be certain? Here are seven signs we think will help you answer this vital question.


    No.1: Everything started out of the blue. Instantly

    Just a moment ago, you didn’t feel anything...and then suddenly it happened. The glance, the head turn — and you already prepared all your mental weapons to conquer their heart. And your aim stays constant, no matter what’s going on around you. You friends tell you about plenty of other important things going on in life, but all you see is their image.

    You can’t get rid of this image even when you are alone at home. You want something from that person, and you understand that it’s not just passion or lust. No! This is something else.

    They say it’s not about pheromones, it’s about feelings. Like a key that finally fits in the lock of your heart, perfectly, without having to be forced in any way. Bedroom activities have nothing to do with it. Your personalities, your souls, simply match.

    At the end of the day, we don’t find individuals exciting only because of the way they look or act. It’s all about their presence, which suddenly spreads in front of your eyes and promises bliss every second you spend with them. You wonder what they will look like when it’s just the two of you, alone. You want them to feel amazed and exhilarated to be with you. You want to have the force of a natural disaster on their life — a vortex, a storm of emotions; you want to be a force they can’t resist.


    No. 2: You never get tired or bored of them

    A husband or wife is not just a lover. They are the person you see 24 hours a day. Whether you’re healthy or sick, dressed up nicely or hanging around the house in your underwear, feeling inspired or bored — your partner will accept you regardless.

    You can spend six, seven, eight hours together, and still don’t want to say goodbye to each other, whilst with anyone else you wanted to bid farewell and spend some time alone. That feeling of not wanting to leave them happens not because you need something from them, but because you can live in perfect harmony together.


    No. 3: They don’t put pressure on you

    They give you freedom, and you understand that’s what they’ve always done for you. You understand that they’re a mature person regardless of how old they are. They’re able to find happiness on their own, inside themselves. You’re a person that they respect. If one person respects another, this is it. This is the foundation for the perfect future together.

    If they’re capable of switching from being nice and tender with you to screaming and hissing at the waitress asking for a clean tablecloth, you should be aware that they will do the same to you when they aren’t satisfied with something in the future. It’s too early to talk about marriage or spending the rest of your lives together. Their personality will let you down in the first couple of hours.

    A really smart, well-developed woman will never insist that they are always right. They won’t try to convince that they are right. Why would someone try to force their own views on you from the moment they see you, unless they had a low opinion of you?

    You feel that you have a special place in their life, and that alone feels pretty amazing!


    No. 4: Every time you learn something new about them, it makes you happy

    They don’t have to do all kinds of sports, write theater plays and walk on the runway in order to keep you interested. For no apparent reason, every day reveals something fresh about them, and you understand that their potential is inexhaustible.

    This is more than just ’not being boring’. They grew this wonderful garden in themselves where you find yourself to be a welcome guest. This garden opens its doors to you. You come in and receive such happiness from it’s aromas, and can walk around all day and never feel bored or sad.


    No. 5: You are separate, yet you become whole. You accept them as they are because you really want to be with them

    You feel that at some point in your relationship you have became one. This effect doesn’t really make sense: they are still by any measure an individual with their own thoughts and personality traits. You don’t agree on various matters, it’s not just a reason to fight, it’s also a chance for compromise. They are a continuation of you, through which you will discover your whole self for the rest of your life. They are infinite. You are falling in love not just momentarily but year after year, day after day.


    No. 6: They don’t have any secrets from you

    This is a very important issue. Any secrets that you have no right to investigate could be directed against you. Sometimes their whole existence consists of their love for you, but this doesn’t exclude the potential of space between the two of you.

    If they really wanted they could interpret anything you say as something directed against them, but they never want and never will do this.

    If they betrayed you in any way, they would feel so terrible that it would eventually come out, directly to you and not to anyone else. Because they understand that you are theirs, and vice versa.


    No. 7: They are ready to spend their whole life with you, and nothing could make you happier

    You would summon any amount of patience and inner strength to make it work, to wait for the perfect circumstances to be together, and they would do the same.

    Life will test you; it will make you fall. The car will break, your child will get sick, you will get fired from your job. You won’t have enough money; someone close to you might pass away; work will be unrelenting; at other times you will just feel unhappy for no reason. But since the first moment you saw them you understood that you can deal with all of this, and more, whatever life throws at you. As long as your together.

    You know that they can handle life’s challenges just from the way they carry themself, from the look in their eyes. With all your being you can feel that this is a kind, patient person that is fully tuned in to your feelings, hopes, desires, fears. And this feeling is totally, utterly magical.


    Author: Sergey Aratunov
    Source: gorabbit
    Preview photo credit: Desiree Hartsock

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  • How The Length of Your Thumb Reveals How You Behave in Love Relationships



    If you already analyzed the pinky, your index finger, and your finger prints, it is now your turn to look at the thumb. The ratio of the parts up to and from the wrist is hiding some of your personality traits.


    A. The first half of thumb is longer than the second one:


    You are a faithful and passionate person. Once you fall in love, you’re head over heels for him/her and tend to be obsessive. Other things such as work or study may get neglected. If your lover is late in replying messages or not much getting in touch with you, you will go crazy and try to call his/her phone many times. Be careful you might scare him/her away.


    B. The first half and the second half of thumb are the same length:


    You like to plan everything and carry them out in a specific approach, which makes you can achieve your goals. You are calm and composed, no matter what happens. In terms of love is the same. You can judge his/her feeling objectively. You won’t let emotions to get you carried away. But, because of your calmness, it’s unlikely to move fast in a relationship; at most you just end up in ambiguous relationship.


    C. The second half of thumb is longer than the first one:


    You are trustable and reliable for people around you. You also have a good observation skill. You take a lot of time to think things and move slowly. In terms of love is the same. Even if you feel you have a crush on someone, you would restrain your feeling. It’s easy for you to miss the change since you’re too conscious of other people’s face.



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  • Women do this one thing far more than their male partners during sex


    A whopping 88% of women admitted that they were louder than their partners during love-making.


    Women are far noisier than men when they are having sex , according to a new survey.


    A whopping 88% of women admitted that they were louder than their partners during love-making.


    And 64% of men polled also confirmed that their female lovers drowned them out when they were getting intimate.


    With Wimbledon just weeks away, the survey found that sex is like tennis - with women making all the noise.


    Making a racket in the sack adds to the fun for most couples.


    Seven out of ten men (71%) said they liked it when their partner made noise during sex.


    GettyCouple sharing intimate momentSeven out of 10 men said they liked it when their partners made noise during sex
    Almost as many women (62%) said they enjoyed it when their men audibly expressed pleasure during sex.


    The findings were revealed in a poll of 1,000 people by, Britain's leading dating website for married people.


    It found that 59% of men and 57% of women had been overheard having sex because they were making so much noise.


    A further 65% of men and 63% of women had heard other couples during love-making.


    Married men and women who are unfaithful are quieter when making love to their spouse than they are with their lover.


    Six out of ten women (62%) and 72% of men said they did make more noise in bed when they were cheating.


    Scientists say there is no reason why women should be noisier than men - either in bed or on the tennis court.

  spokesman Christian Grant said: "Noisy sex tends to be an individual thing.


    Some people scream the house down at a concert, others watch without making a sound. It doesn't mean they're not enjoying it as much!


    "One theory might be that since women fake it more often than men do, perhaps they feel obliged to provide 'evidence' that they're enjoying themselves?


    "It is interesting that people having affairs make more noise when having sex with their lovers than they do with their married partners.


    "All evidence suggests that this is because the sex is more exciting when you having an affair.


    "Most people who stay in a marriage while cheating on their partner say they end up straying because their sex life at home has become staid and boring."

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  • What Kind of Woman You're Dating According To In Which Month She Was Born?


    According to the month you are born you can find out what are your characteristics.
    Ladies that are born in January are remarkably ambitious, but rather serious and conservative. Women born in this month are prone to be very critical, yet they don’t want to talk about their own feelings. They let to approach them only people that are on the same intellectual level with them and that share the same views on life.
    February females are very romantic, and you need to treat them with patience. Not every person can understand them, due to their changing mood. These women have a slightly abstract way of thinking. You need to know that if you betray them, you are never going to see them again.
    Women born in March have strong charisma and charm. They are very loyal and dedicated. These ladies are hard to fall in love. They are also very cute until you upset them.  But, to live with a person that is born in March is a real pleasure.
    April-born females are diplomats and they can interact quite easily with every person. At times, they know to pity themselves. Most of them are very jealous, and if it happens to burst, it better for you to move away.  The April girl is going to make you the happiest man on Earth. They open their soul to those who earn their trust and try not to lose it.
    May women are very persistent and loyal to the principles they have. They are also very attractive, and combined with their difficult character, they can become dangerous to any man that falls in love with them. This is the reason why you are going to remember them as long as they are alive.
    These are very curious girls, communicative and creative. Their flaw is they speak before they think. June women think that it’s better to tell the truth in the face, than to speak from the back. Also, they are very dangerous players in love and very often men become a toy in their hands.
    Ladies born in July are very honest, mysterious, beautiful and very intelligent. They don’t want conflicts and are very polite to everyone. Besides, you can easily lose them forever, but if you cheat on them they will never forget.
    This is a unique combination of self-centeredness and great heart. You should try to not mess with these ladies, as sooner or later she will win. Women born in August have an exceptional sense of humor, but they don’t like being mocked. If this happens, you will not be aware what hit you. They always want to be the center of the attention and never suffer from the attention of men. In their presence men lose their heads.
    Born in September, these ladies are kind, disciplined, and beautiful.  They never forgive those who will betray them. Therefore, you should be careful not to hurt them as they will seek revenge. These women want long relationships, which mean that they are not girls for only one night. On the other hand, they are very critical and they have high expectations of their partners. The man who would prove, will win.
    Ladies born in October have strong character. They are very emotional, but they don’t cry in front of other people. They are very smart, and don’t open their soul to everyone, as they think that people tend to abuse it. The other women very often hate them since they envy them.
    November ladies are always one step ahead of the others, and they can very easy recognize a lie. You shouldn’t play with these women since you will get the worst end of it. About these women you need to know  that if you are ready to hear the truth, you should never ask them for their opinion.
    The ladies born in December can be very impatient, but lucky, since they always find a way to get out of any situation as winners.  These women know how to lift the mood. They have an open heart.  They are disposed to be hurt a lot, but since God is on their side, at the end these females get what they deserve.
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