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  • Easy ways to dramatically reduce your mobile data usage on Android

    1. Restrict background data

    The easiest way to save data is to tell your apps (or the Android system itself) to restrict background data. Background data is all that internet traffic that goes on when you're not actually using an app: email syncing, feeds updating, weather widgets and so on.

    2. Ditch the Facebook app

    It's pretty well known among Android aficionados that the Facebook app is one of the biggest consumers of data, not to mention its high resource use and battery drain. So why not replace it with something less demanding?



    3. Disable auto-updating apps

    Another huge drain of your data allowance comes from the occasional bout of Google Play app updating. If you have the Play Store set to auto-update apps, even over a data connection, this could be chewing its way through your allowance every month without you even knowing.

    4. Use Opera's video compression

    The Opera for Android browser now has a very useful video compression option, which can save you a load of data if you're frequently watching videos on the go. To use it, simply download the Opera browser, go to Settings > Data savings and tick the box that says Video compression. This setting not only saves you data, but also means that videos are more likely to load faster



    5. Compress Chrome pages

    If you use Chrome for all your web traffic, this tip alone can save you 30-35 percent of yif our mobile browser data consumption. The Data Saver option compresses web pages before loading them in your browser.

    Using Data Saver does slow things down a tiny bit, but you quickly get used to it and a moment's delay is worth it when your data lasts so much longer. Just launch Chrome, tap the three dots in the top right-hand corner, go down to Settings and then to Data Saver. Keep an eye on the graph to see your data saving

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  • No One Ever Told You Onions Could Do These Miraculous Things!



    Onions are a natural cure for many health problems. It is the best remedy for severe vomiting and as a general antibiotic that can boost your immune system.
    The onion is from the allium family and is rich in sulfur providing the onion with its antibiotic and antiseptic properties. Onion is also extremely high in antioxidant Querectin which helps the body to fight free radicals.
    Natural Cures. Respiratory conditions respond well to onion juice as it is a great expectorant. Onions are good for cholesterol levels, heart, arthritis, a great antioxidant, and good for diabetes due to its flavonoid and sulfur compounds. Onions have been used as a standard treatment for thousands of years.

    Interesting Ways to Use an Onion

    Breakup chest congestion- Crush an onion within coconut oil. Coat the chest with onion paste and cover the chest with a dish towel then a shirt.

    •Colic- Cherokee Indian recipe for colic babies: Boil a small amount of diced yellow onion in water. Let the onion cool in the water then drain. Feed a teaspoon of the onion tea to the baby every hour until the baby appears to have some relief.

     •Ear pain/infection – Chop onion and put them into a thin sock and tie the sock closed. Place the flattened onion sock over the troubled ear and cover the head/ear/sock with a hat to hold the sock in place. Remove when pain is gone.

    Cuts- The transparent film of the onion skin will stop moderate bleeding immediately. It also acts as an antiseptic for the wound.

     Cough- Peel a large onion and slice in half. Cover the face of each onion with 1 tablespoon of brown sugar and cover the onions for one hour. The sugar/onion relish should be taken twice a day to help with the cough.
    •Fever- Slice an onion into thin slices. Rub the bottom of the feet with coconut oil. Put a thin slice into the arch of each foot and wrap with cling wrap. Cover the onion/feet with sock over night to allow the onion to draw out toxins and the illness from the body.
    •Cleanse the air- Place slices of onion on plates throughout your house to purify the air of viruses and bacteria.
    •Vomiting- Grate 1 white or yellow onion. Press the onion juice from the onion wrapped in a cheesecloth. Brew a strong cup of peppermint tea and let it cool. Drink 2 teaspoons of the onion juice and wait 5 minutes. Drink 2 teaspoons of the cool peppermint tea and wait 5 minutes. Repeat both the onion juice and peppermint tea until the symptoms subside. Vomiting should stop immediately and the nausea should go away within 15 minutes.

    Other Neat Onion Uses:

    • Rub a cut onion on you to repel bugs
    • Onion juice rubbed into your hair promotes growth
    • Onion juice repels moths
    • Boiled and cooled onion juice sprayed onto plants repels pests
    • Rub an onion slice into the face of an iron to prevent rusting
    • Polish copper and glassware with an onion slice
    • Rub a cut onion on you to prevent freckling

    The Native Americans have used onion to treat colds and flu for centuries. Even the World Health Organization has recognized the ability of onion to relieve coughs, congestion, bronchitis and respiratory infections.


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  • What your fingernails can tell you about your personality

    We’ve found an interesting personality quiz which can really tell you a lot about yourself. 

    It’s really quite simple. Have a look at your fingernails, and try to determine what shape they have, using the picture below to help you. If you can’t find your exact type, then just choose the one that’s the closest thing to what you have. Once you’ve found your type, read the description below and see if it matches your personality.





                                                      Long and rectangular




    If your nails are best described as long and rectangular, then you are most likely a sociable, bubbly person with a good head on your shoulders. Whether it’s learning new facts or meeting new faces, you love fresh experiences and expanding your world.

    When it comes to work, «measure twice, cut once,» is your motto. You examine situations and problems from every angle, and you strive to always do the right thing. You’re meticulous and detailed, and you think everything through, right down to the nitty-gritty


                                                           Broad and flat





    If you’d describe your nails as broad and flat, then you are no doubt a clear-headed, analytical person. Always careful to think before you speak, people often turn to you for your sound advice and keen observations. You’re a great judge of character, and your instincts can always be relied upon.

    Because you’re such a studious person, you tend to enjoy building and crafting. You love creating new things and having your hard work pay off. You value usefulness over beauty, and you love thinking up clever solutions to tricky problems.


                                                             Short and round





    Since you’d describe your nails as short and round, you’re most likely a strong-minded, creative person with a dramatic flair. You radiate fun and excitement, so people are naturally drawn to you. Once you make a friend, you’re loyal for life, and you’d do anything to protect the people you love.

    There are few things you love more than a new challenge. Adventurous, bold, and fearless, when you set your mind to something, you never back down. Some might say you’re a bit pig-headed, but you can’t help it if you know what you want!


                                                        Uneven and short



    Are your nails uneven and short — perhaps from biting? Then you’re probably an empathetic, observant person. You’re a very heartfelt soul, so when you say something, you mean it. You treasure openness and communication, and you tread carefully when making new friends.

    If your life had a motto, it would be, «Still waters run deep.» Though you often look placid on the surface, there’s a storm of feeling and thought brewing beneath. Because of this, when you speak, others listen. Your friends know they can always turn to you for the truth — even if it sometimes hurts.


                                                          Square and even



    If your nails are square and even, it means you are a grounded, hardworking soul. A natural-born leader, you don’t take responsibility lightly. You’re often trusted with important tasks, because everyone knows they can count on you. When you do something, you do it right.

    Never one to take shortcuts, you’re always willing to do whatever it takes to get a job done — but that doesn’t mean you don’t know how to relax and have a good time. You might seem like a work horse, but there’s a fun-loving soul inside who loves a good party.






    Are your nails pointed and a bit triangular? This means you are a bold, decisive person who always knows what they want. You’re passionate and stubborn, so some might say you’re a firebrand — but you’ll take that as a compliment. You always know exactly what you want, and you’re not afraid to ask for it (or just get it yourself).

    When it comes to a work, your motto is, «Work smart, not hard» — so you tend to really think things through before approaching a task. But when it’s time to get started, you blaze right through it. Your hard work always pays off and looks great.


                                                               Oval and long



    If your nails are oval and long, you are most likely a very creative person, someone who draws strength and inspiration from the natural world. You’re earthy and imaginative, and you’re happiest you’re when surrounded by beauty. Serene and gentle, people gravitate to you when their worlds are hectic and noisy.

    Some might say you tend to take on too much, but really, staying elbow-deep in projects makes you very happy — especially when it benefits others. You love to love, and you give with all your heart. You put your whole self into what you do, and that shows.


                                                             Unique cuticle line



    Do your nails have a unique or uneven cuticle line? It means you live off the beaten path. When it comes to your world — your clothes, your home, even your taste buds — you avoid «ordinary» like it’s the plague. You’re colorful and vibrant, and people always turn to you when they’re looking for a good time.

    It might seem backwards, but your motto should be «play hard, work harder.» When you’re having fun, your work ethic skyrockets, so you strive to make your tasks as enjoyable as possible. Because of this, nothing you do is boring.

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  • How To Prevent Your Smartphone From Overheating


    Here are the 5 Reasons why your Smartphone overheats and how to correct them

    Everyone love their Smartphone, because it is their true “life companion”( I remember that Samsung Galaxy ad). But a phone that gets overheated just by the usage of few minutes (or hours, these spent like minutes when you are intensively engaged), is never a good choice to carry along.

    Not only a heated phone is uncomfortable to use but other threats like explosion are also there. So in this article, I’ll discuss some common mistakes users make which contributes to the overheating of their Smartphone. And how it can be prevented.




    1.Bad Battery

    It is always recommended to change your battery after a specific time period. But most users like to keep using their phone with the old battery until it is fully drained. An old battery provides slightly less power than needed; this difference is so little that it goes unnoticed. The processor of your phone tries to compensate this which results in increased load.

    This load on processor leads to increased load on battery and this cycle follows up to a point where your phone is hot enough to cook something on it and you are forced to take a pause.


    2. Damage Caused by Water

    Usually, all of us listen the songs while taking shower. Overheating and power issues problem occurs mostly with water exposure. Locate the LDI (Liquid Damage Indicator) sticker on your phone to make sure that your phone is not experiencing any problem related to moisture or liquid damage.


    3. Improper Ventilation

    This is also a factor. Like any other device, your smartphone also needs proper space to operate. Overheating is one of the consequences of unavailability of adequate ventilation. Up to a certain temperature, your smartphone heats slowly but after a threshold is crossed, the heating becomes accelerated. A good device monitoring app will keep the temperature in check and you’ll know when to take a break to keep your phone cool.


    4. Intense Use and Multitasking

    Multiple processes running in background will do more harm than benefit. Leaving unnecessary processes running will not only make your Smartphone lag but also heat it up. It is wise to use some RAM device management apps like CCleaner.

    I have done an article on Android cleanup tools with a listing along with pros and cons; you can consider it as a reference.


    5. Continuous Use

    Give your Android a break. Powering off your Smartphone once on regular intervals will prevent accumulation of useless stuff and will keep your phone running smoothly.
    You can set up your phone to turn off automatically. For this go to settings>> Scheduled Power on & Off and set the timings.

    You can also try this hack to make your Android Smartphone faster.

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  • Luxury: Inside President Mugabe’s Private Mansion in Zimbabwe!


    The 25-bedroom private house was reportedly constructed by a Serbian construction company Energoproject to a Chinese architectural design.The palace nicknamed, ‘Blue Roof’ has two lakes in its 44 acre landscaped grounds and is protected by a multi-million pounds radar system.



    Approach roads to the mansion, topped by a Chinese-style roof clad in midnight blue tiles from Shanghai, are off limits to the general public.We have seen some of the pictures online before but up to now no one can openly verify the pictures.Imagine who would have such taste and live in such opulence? An American Billionaire? A Saudi Prince? Louis XIV of France ?Savour the pictures then scroll to the bottom of the page to see who owns this Work of Art.













    This Mansion is in 

    Harare and belongs to: The President of Zimbabwe – ROBERT MUGABE-While his people starve, and die because of no medical help…. and we are asked to help his people over & over again, he and his family live like this……




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